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Dependable Strengths® Workshop (DS)

The Dependable Strengths™ Articulation Process (DSAP)


“Because you are unique, there is something you are better at than anybody else.” Bernard Haldane, Ph.D. Originator of Dependable Strengths

The Dependable Strengths Articulation Process (DSAP) is based on the premise that everyone has excellence deep within them.  This excellence – in the form of a unique pattern of Dependable Strengths – can be identified and brought to awareness, enabling you to do your best work and experience your greatest satisfaction and fulfillment in life.  The DSAP uncovers strengths and unlocks potential.

Feedback after taking the DSAP class at Freedom Consulting:

“Well, I was promoted today. I'm now Director of Activities for the assisted living community I was in. I love it and it's perfect. Oooohhhmyyygoodddnesss...I found my place. And it's exactly what I want to be doing. Yessss! …. Do you remember how we talked about having jobs that bring us energy instead of take away from it, and being around people who do the same? Yeah. This is that for me. Taking your guys' class is what did this. After I was done with that, I knew I was a boss. And I didn't have to rely on anyone else to tell me that. I just know it now.”

Lisa S- Spokane, WA



A Depth Process

The DSAP is a unique interactive, peer-assisted, group process proven through research to improve self-esteem, motivation and internal locus of control while uncovering your most Dependable Strengths.  The DSAP enables you to…

  • Identify your unique pattern of core strengths, talents and abilities

  • Become motivated to be your best

  • Take action to express your strengths in work, home and life.

DSAP Components

The DSAP is a planned sequence of 62 activities in an engaging 18-hour process usually conducted over two and a half days.   The purpose is to identify your unique pattern of core strengths – Dependable Strengths – then apply this knowledge to finding meaningful work using the Job Magnet System. The DSAP includes small group activities, short lecture, discussion, reflection, and experiential elements, including:

  • REMEMBERING… special events in your past called Good Experiences

  • DESCRIBING… these experiences in detail to others and receiving feedback about strengths

  • DETERMINING… your unique pattern of strengths using the Strengths Exploration Chart

  • CONFIRMING… your Dependable Strengths using the Reality Test

  • COMPILING… a Dependable Strengths Report describing you at your best

  • USING… the DS Report to attract job offers using the Job Magnet System


Research from the Dependable Strengths Project at the University of Washington has shown that participants in DSAP enhance employability and overall career and life satisfaction by increasing their…

  • self-esteem

  • motivation

  • confidence

  • self-direction

  • mental health

  • self-efficacy                         



The DSAP was originated by Bernard Haldane, Ph.D. during World War II to assist returning military veterans find civilian work.  After achieving very successful results, he then adapted his innovative methods for the general public.  The DSAP has been researched and refined at the University of Washington in Seattle and has been used effectively for over 50 years.

Who Can Benefit

The DSAP is used successfully with all populations and ages in a wide variety of settings in the United States and around the world.  The DSAP has proven effective with clients, students, groups, teams, and organizations of all types, as well as individuals of all ages and populations from a wide variety of fields, including:

  • education

  • government agencies

  • social service

  • employment services

  • criminal justice

  • business

  • faith communities

  • general public


Anywhere there are people, the DSAP can uncover excellence and make a difference … for the better!



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Center for Dependable Strengths

Dependable Strengths ® was originated by Bernard Haldane, Ph.D. and is used by permission of the Center for Dependable Strengths, Seattle, Washington.   Copyright © 2017, Center for Dependable Strengths.  All Rights reserved. Freedom Consulting, LLC is a licensed Facilitator and Training Site with the Center for Dependable Strengths.

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“I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and all you do for my customers. When I get a call from someone and they are almost in tears telling me how wonderful the class was and what a difference it makes, you make my job so much easier”


“So many times my customers have almost no confidence or self-esteem and when they get out of your class they feel like they can tackle the world”



WA DVR Counselor

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