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WorkStrides Workshop

This 3-day career readiness workshop created by the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) will assist participants to overcome barriers to employment, explore resources in the community, discover transferable skills for future employment and create a plan or vision for the future. This class assists participants who are stuck or frustrated with their job search process, new to DVR, or new to job seeking and helps them gain valuable tools to move forward towards competitive employment.


Over the last 7 years we have taught 427 WorkStrides and Dependable Strengths© classes, graduating 2338 customers.

(As of Dec 2017) 


1358 customers graduated from WorkStrides (3-day class)


This is a great class for someone new to job search, has a disability or would like to learn about community resources. This class can also assist someone who may not be sure if work is right for them at this time.


Upon completion of WorkStrides participants will:

  • Create an individualized plan for working towards goals

  • Utilize resiliency techniques to assist them on their journey

  • Gain peer support for encouragement, community building and networking

  • Learn how to research potential job goals through O*NET


Class Design:

  • 3 days, typically 9 am-3 pm.

  • There is some homework each night and participants will need access to a computer, either at home or through Work Source or the local library.

  • We take lunch breaks and breaks throughout the day to make classroom learning more effective.

  • Participants don’t need to bring anything to class, although some like to bring their own paper and pens/pencils.
    We provide manuals and all the training materials needed.


To register for a WorkStrides class in your area please contact your DVR staff or feel free to contact Freedom Consulting directly.

Contact Freedom Consulting LLC today for more info!

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