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Excited to announce the partnership

with the Center for Dependable Strengths to be the

exclusive training provider for Eastern WA, ID and MT!

Dependable Strengths® Facilitator Training

Become a Dependable Strengths® Facilitator!


You can increase the effectiveness and success of your constituents – clients, students, staff, employees, or others – by becoming a trained facilitator of the Dependable Strengths Articulation Process (DSAP).  By leading your constituents through the DSAP to uncover their Dependable Strengths, you will unlock their potential and increase their…

·         confidence

·         motivation

·         self-esteem

·         employability

·         productivity

·         morale

·         respect for others

·         teamwork

·         … and more! 


The Training

Dependable Strengths Facilitator Training is an engaging, four-day experience conducted by Dependable Strengths Master Trainers.  All facilitator trainings start with you experiencing the DSAP for yourself – uncovering your own Dependable Strengths to find out what you uniquely do well and enjoy doing.   This may confirm what you already know about yourself, or reveal hidden strengths that may set you on a new, more meaningful path…or somewhere in between.  No matter what, be prepared for insights and change for the better for yourself and your constituents!


Training Content

The training is comprised of two distinct phases:


Phase 1: – Experience the DSAP for yourself

The first part of the week you will be a “participant” in the DSAP and experience the process for yourself to uncover your own Dependable Strengths.   You will gain a solid grounding in the process that will give you confidence and experience for leading it with others. As a potential facilitator, this initial phase is beneficial for four major reasons:

  • You gain personal experience with the process

  • You gain credibility with your clients, students, or constituents

  • You gain empathy for what they will be doing

  • You meet your professional obligation — to be willing to do what you ask others to do!

Phase 2: – Learn to facilitate the DSAP

In the second half of the training you will be your “professional” self again and gain the skills and knowledge needed to deliver the DSAP to others.  This will include learning the history and research behind the DSAP, practice teaching parts of the process with the help of colleagues, developing initial plans for implementing your own workshop, and receiving all materials – including every word needed –  for facilitating the process.


After the 4-day training, you will be eligible for Dependable Strengths Instructor certification upon completion of required post-training experience. This is the initial certification of 5 levels that you can acquire toward eventual certification as a Dependable Strengths Master Trainer.​

Training Locations and Cost

4 days, 8:30am to 4:30pm

$825 per person: includes snacks, beverages, all materials, and joy

Spokane Valley, WA


Click below for our upcoming classes or contact us to schedule a private group!


Center for Dependable Strengths

Dependable Strengths ® was originated by Bernard Haldane, Ph.D. and is used by permission of the Center for Dependable Strengths, Seattle, Washington.   Copyright © 2017, Center for Dependable Strengths.  All Rights reserved.

 What have participants said about this class?

  • “I won't ever be the same, and that's a good thing, because I'll be me but just better at it.”

  • “I just wanted to say thank you. I am strong and determined, now!”

  • “I first looked at coming as, “Do I have to?” Now, I say, “I’m so lucky to!”

  • “Interviewing techniques…just darn awesome!”

  • “An empowering experience. Very helpful. Well worth the time and energy.”

  • “You’ll discover new things you are good at…hidden skills, attributes, ways to network. You’ll increase your self-confidence.”

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