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Comprehensive IL Evaluations

We provide all levels of Independent Living (IL) services.  Independent Living Evaluations are used to help discover what areas in a person’s life need support or training to ensure their foundation for employment is stable and they are ready to be successful in work. IL Services is where we work 1:1 with the individual to learn the new skill or task to assist the person in becoming more independent.  The services are typically very short term and goal specific.


IL Evaluations

The IL evaluations explore different areas of a customer’s life and determine if community services, resources, or training is needed to build a solid foundation for success in living independently.  The goal is to assist a person to have the solid foundation needed to be successful in employment. Evaluations can look at only a few areas in a person’s life, which would be determined by the DVR counselor and the customer, or a comprehensive evaluation can be done to include all the following areas: disability adjustment, housing/residential, community mobility, financial issues, home management/organization, social skills, support systems, communication, self-care, education and employment.  The evaluation report states the findings in each area and gives solutions where needs are present. Some of those solutions may be Independent Living Services, which is individualized training or connecting to resources.

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