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Job Club Workshop

This workshop motivates, encourages, and trains people in preparing for job search, and focuses on the needs of people with disabilities to be successful in finding employment that fits!


People will be most successful in this workshop if they are ready for job search and motivated to find work. Computer access and completion of Work Strides and Dependable Strengths™ assessment is recommended.


Complete a personal plan for job search and find ways to overcome barriers to employment

• Discover Skills, Interests and Abilities-use assessment tests, Dependable Strengths™ or in class exercises to discover and discuss strengths for employment.

• Discuss coping skills when looking for work, dealing with depression, stress and anxiety.

• Overcoming barriers to employment- Resources explored will include DVR, community and personal/peer sources for assistance.

• Develop 30 second commercial.

• Dress for Success.

• How to Research Employers.

• Prepare for Employer Contacts.


Paperwork for job search and tailoring information to specific employers

• Create Master application.

• Create a Master Resume-review the different types and how to SHINE for employers!

• Cover letters-samples and practice tailoring for specific employers.

• Thank you notes- samples and take-home notes for after interviews.


Interviewing Techniques

• How to discuss strengths, criminal histories, gaps in employment and disabilities with employers.

• Practice interviewing by role playing in class in front of peers.

• What to ask employers- in the interview and salary/accommodation negotiation.

• Learn how to Network for employment.


Certificates of completion and a celebration end the workshop –time to go FISHING!

Contact Freedom Consulting LLC today for more info!

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