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Dependable Strengths® for Churches

The DSAP curriculum is adapted for use in Churches, showing the connections to how using our strengths can benefit you and your congregation.


The practical, hands-on tools we use will help your congregation, staff, leaders or people seeking help from you.  It will increase their enjoyment, passions, and empower them to use their strengths for the betterment of everyone!


Our classes provide insight into what strengths and gifts you already possess.  Then we teach you how to best partner with people to use your best skills most of the time.  This naturally increases enjoyment and reduces burn-out.


We can provide 1:1 support and guidance for people or do group activities at your site.


Our classes typically run 9-15 hours, depending on what you would like to accomplish.  We can break these classes up and do any combination of time that you have available.


Participants will learn:

  • What makes them unique and how to express those strengths

  • How to create partnerships that will ensure success and less burn out

  • Increase team work and cohesion in groups

  • How to express their strengths in their work, or find work that fits their strengths

  • Increased confidence in finding meaningful work, that fits their purpose

  • Ways to increase using their unique talents for the betterment of the community, church, work and family- without feeling burnt out!


For youth, or groups in a weekly classroom setting, this workshop can be formatted to fit 9, 50-minute sessions, or any configuration that you have available.


We can bring our expert trainers to your location and teach at your location or you can come take the Facilitators class to learn how. We offer CEU’s through the Center for Dependable Strengths for either of the following training options.


  • The 4-day Full Facilitators class will give you the full experience of Dependable Strengths® participant training and then you will learn how to fully facilitate this class for others.   More info above under Classes - DS Facilitator Training.


Interested and need more info?


  • We are happy to do a free consult with you or your administration

  • We can do 1-4-hour presentations at staff meetings/trainings and offer CEUs for those, if needed. This will increase staff interest and help people really understand what this training can do for your congregation.  This will also increase staff connection, support and team work.


Click below for our upcoming classes or contact us to schedule a private group!

Center for Dependable Strengths

Dependable Strengths ® was originated by Bernard Haldane, Ph.D. and is used by permission of the Center for Dependable Strengths, Seattle, Washington.   Copyright © 2017, Center for Dependable Strengths.  All Rights reserved. Freedom Consulting, LLC is a licensed Facilitator and Training Site with the Center for Dependable Strengths.

Contact Freedom Consulting LLC today for more info!

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