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Corporations and Small Business Services

Trainings are provided by Jody Johnson, who is a Masters Level trainer with the Center for Dependable Strengths®, as well a Board Member and she has taught Motivational Interviewing to state agencies across the Northwest. Her education and over 16 years of experience as a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and CEO give her helpful insights and practical tools from real-world experience to assist your staff or customers in reaching their goals. The motivational interviewing style of relating makes the change come from within the person, thus creating real change.


  • Confidence in the workplace- how to advocate, market and network with different agencies

  • DisAbility awareness- knowledge and understanding in how to accommodate, work with and things to watch for with all of the different disAbilities.

  • Learning how to work with DVR- understanding their system and their expectations

  • Independent Living Services- how to provide them, write excellent reports and set up office systems for resources

  • How to read/interpret a vocational evaluation- or other Division of Vocational Rehabilitation paperwork (Idaho, Washington and Department for the Blind)

  • Team building- building staff self-knowledge and understanding of others, to create the best teams and appreciate differences

  • Hiring/lay off assistance- to complete comprehensive or brief vocational assessments to ensure quality hiring for a new team or an existing one. Can also be excellent for someone who isn’t in the right position in your agency or is going to be laid off work- helps them create a plan for work that will suit their needs, skills and abilities best.

  • Employee/employer counseling- or support through strength focused techniques, including help with disAbility accommodations and understanding disabilities.

  • Corporate ADA training- for interagency knowledge and advocacy for their clients- taught by Sandy Christian, Certified ADA Trainer.


We are headquartered in Spokane, WA and are available for trainings at any location. Contact us to arrange a training for your staff or your customers.​

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