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Career / Vocational Evaluations

For All Ages and Abilities - High School Students to Adults and Seniors


We provide four different levels of vocational or career evaluations. Our evaluations are completed and evaluated by professional Masters level Certified Rehabilitation Counselors, so we are professional, formally trained evaluators and very familiar with the school systems, special programs and unique employment opportunities in your community.


We currently provide Level 3 Vocational Evaluations for the State of WA Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) and the U.S. Veterans Administration (VA). 


Level 1:

Career Exploration- perfect for youth graduating high school, college students wanting some direction and retirees or those re-entering the workforce after an extended break.


This career exploration will take 3-4 hours to complete, we will do 2-4 different assessment tests, we will review the information with you and give you 3-4 career options with the labor market details.  If college or additional training is needed for your desired career we can show you how to find that information and where the best locations are for your needs.


Level 2:

Career Exploration with additional research or a follow up appointment to ensure the right fit and college preparation.


This level 2 career exploration is the next step from level 1.  If you would like hands on guidance from trained vocational counselors to assist you in following through with the college or training. 


Level 3:

Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation- this step includes an 11-13-page report with research and data included.  This includes research into local training options and addresses ways to overcome barriers to the employment goals chosen. This comprehensive evaluation takes the initial 3-4 hours, plus an additional 4-6 in writing the report and completing the research. The intake for this level of testing is more comprehensive and this testing can be used for DVR, VA, Courts, SSA/SSI applications and other legal matters.


Level 4:

Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation plus two follow up meetings with a vocational counselor. The additional follow up meetings would give support and guidance to ensure the customer understands the evaluation and the next steps to reaching their goals. 

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