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Dependable Strengths® for Educators

Strengths Discovery for Youth

In our Strengths Discovery for Youth classes participants will:


  • Utilize “good experiences” or stories to help students learn about their strengths and the strengths of their classmates

  • Naturally reduces bullying because youth will understand and value other’s strengths

  • Students will build confidence in their unique strengths and be able to articulate those to others

  • Students will understand how to keep growing in their strengths and use that knowledge for networking, employment or gaining new experiences

  • Students’ self-esteem will increase and they will feel more empowered to believe in themselves for their unique abilities

  • A report of their strengths will be created and they can use this for a resume, networking, and applying for scholarships

  • Interview skills, networking and connection scripts will be practiced increasing their confidence in looking for work, and talking with adults about their strengths


In the classroom, this workshop can be formatted to fit 9, 50-minute sessions, or any configuration that you have available.


DS for Educators- 2 days, 8:30-4:30, Contact for pricing and class schedule, (min 10 people)

  • Day One will review the Dependable Strengths exercises as a participant

  • Day Two reviews the manual that you will have for your classroom

  • Includes Manual for High school or Middle school

  • Best option to get a feel for the Dependable Strengths curriculum and to understand how to find strengths in yourself and others.

  • 14 hours of Continuing Education Hours (CEUs) through the Center for Dependable Strengths©

Interested and need more info?


  • We are happy to do a consult with you or your school administration

  • We can do 1-4 hour presentations at staff meetings/trainings and offer CEUs for those. This will increase staff interest and help people really understand what this training can do for their students.  This will also increase staff connection, support and team work.

  • We can bring our expert trainers to your location and teach it in your classroom or you can come take the Facilitators class to learn how.

  • The 4-day Full Facilitators class will give you the full experience of Dependable Strengths® participant training and then how to fully facilitate this class for others.  More info above under Classes - DS Facilitator Training.

 Click below for our upcoming classes or contact us to schedule a private group!

Center for Dependable Strengths

Dependable Strengths ® was originated by Bernard Haldane, Ph.D. and is used by permission of the Center for Dependable Strengths, Seattle, Washington.   Copyright © 2017, Center for Dependable Strengths.  All Rights reserved. Freedom Consulting, LLC is a licensed Facilitator and Training Site with the Center for Dependable Strengths.

“Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Christian provided my class with an unique insight on how to look at their lives.  Through meaningful lessons, my students were able to identify specific strengths that they may not have realized were strengths in their lives.  Students took their dependable strengths to create a report to promote themselves and now they are working on a meaningful project to share with our school.  In my Leadership class, there is so much growth in the way the students handle themselves, students show more confidence, and are taking ownership for their activities in class.  I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to find and utilize their strengths in everyday life.”

Jennifer Irwin

7th Grade Math



East Valley Middle School

East Valley Middle School Newsletter

The students reported:


Some ways I will use this training in my future?

  • To get a job…to be an engineer and build things…remind myself of my strengths when I’m feeling down, help others that need help and not label people… sticking up for others…share my strengths to make friends…with interviews and working in groups…be open with people…in self-confidence…use my strengths to find jobs so I will be happy…ask other people that are having a hard time….show others my strengths…

What would you tell others about this training?

  • It helps a lot and (I would) recommend it to anyone…it’s long hard thinking work, but it’s worth it to know what you are worth…

How are you different now that you’ve taken this class?

  • I am more confident with interviews and people asking me personality questions…I just am not as shy anymore…I know what my strengths are and I could tell anyone and give them proof…I could get a job easily now…

Other comments?

  • I think this class will help my future…leadership rocks!...didn’t know I had courage, now I do…thank you for letting us have an experience we wont forget!

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